Anal bleaching: All you need to know

Anal bleaching has greatly risen to become the in-thing among strippers, porn stars, some free-thinking people, and celebrities. Feminine magazines are also increasingly publishing articles about this technique. Surprisingly, when some people first hear about it, they just brush it off as unreal and some kind of a joke. The fact, however, is that the procedure is just as real as it is sought after.

So what exactly is anal bleaching?

gfasgfas6ashgasAnal bleaching has been described as a cosmetic procedure where strong bleaching solutions such as hydroquinones are used in lightening the area around the anus. The procedure is mostly made use of by body builders, strippers, actors, and actresses. Over time, it seems that the area around the butt becomes darker. Some attribute it to dark foods such as coffee and some to staining due to feces’ bilirubin content. Whatever the case, those aspiring to wear butt floss in the form of swimwear or deal with pole dancing do not mind a slight improvement in their image.

Is the procedure safe?

This a great question to ask before going through the process. There exists conflicting information about it, so it is smart and natural for one to get worried. A lot of websites and magazine articles give warnings about the dangers of anal bleaching along with testimonials from ‘doctors’ claiming it causes everything from scarring to herpes.

The truth, however, is that a good product with gentle and natural ingredients makes the procedure safe and painless. Most of the worst case scenarios heard the result of the use of harsh, synthetic chemicals. This process is gradual so trying to do it all at once will result in damage.

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Is anal discoloration offensive?

Anal color being offensive is a personal opinion. Some people may have no problem with it, but some express the bleaching as a hygiene issue. There are others also who view it as a beauty treatment. Researchers view it resulting from excessive soda and coffee drinking as well as poor hygiene. The solution, therefore, is to bleach the dark skin just like dentists bleach stains from teeth.

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Who do these bleaching procedures?

There are many spas and salons that offer this treatment. If one opts for this, then it is important to ensure the salons or spas have been certified. Anyone can apply this bleach, but not everyone can do it safely as well as effectively. Google can help find businesses offering these types of commodities.

One can also choose to purchase bleaching supplies and do the procedure themselves in the comfort of their homes! Read the skin lightening gel reviews and see the best product.